Good Times

I had a nice surprise last night, in that my guild’s A team all got online to do a timed HCoS run so I could finally get my drake.  We had been clearing the timed event for a while, and everyone else in the group had gotten theirs, but for a number of reasons we just stopped doing that run.  So I was kind of shocked when it was announced that we were headed there to get my drake.

And the run went well.  We had 7 minutes remaining on the timer when we took on the optional boss.  And now I present to you:

Vesserion the Dragonrider

Vesserion the Dragonrider

Then, it gets better, right after snapping the above screenshot, I noticed Garru (a healadin that I have run with before) was looking for more people for a 25-man OS run.  My gang was done for the night and/or raid locked already, so I jumped in and headed to the Sanctum. 

As the roster got filled in, it turned out that I knew about half of the group.  We quickly one shoted the drakes, as well as Sarth with only a few deaths.  I was healing the add tank, and never really broke a sweat.  Ended up 3rd on the meter behind a shaman doing raid heals (stupid chain heal), and Garru, who was on the MT. 

Now I should say up front that although I do like upgrades, I am not a major loot whore.  I generally have no idea what gear the 25-man raids can drop that would be upgrades for me, since I don’t run them frequently enough to justify doing the research.  I also believe that it takes a toll on you when you keep running things just to get an item, and it either doesn’t drop, or you lose the roll.  But I digress.

Loot drops and all the casters are salivating over the Staff of Restraint.  Rolls are made, and yours truly wins with a smooth 86.  Come to Papa! 

Discipline + Restraint = Win

Discipline + Restraint = Win

So it was a very good night for the Mob Boss. 



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