Utah, Get Me Two!

Bhender has achieved level 80!

Today I managed to get my second toon to level 80.  And.  It.  Is.  Another. Priest

WTF? you say.  Let me do some explaining.

Vess has been my main since he overtook my first character in WoW (Mobric, a Tauren Warrior who is currently stuck at level 45) somewhere in the low 20s (?).  And like most, there were alot of mistakes made as I leveled him and learned the game.  (Skinning/Leatherworking, not discovering the AH till level 40ish, etc.)  There was also an entire tree in the Priest class that I hadn’t had a chance to play with.  (Disc wasn’t considered a legitimate tree in those days.)

So I felt like there was alot I could have done better as I leveled a priest, and alot of toys I had never gotten to play with in the Shadow tree.  Thus Bhender was born.

Bhender was a Shadow Priest from day one.  While Vess was busy bearing the burdens of being a GM, resident heal bitch, and gold farmer, Bhender was free to wtfpwn whatever he felt like.  While not an uber twink, he did sparkle pretty brightly.  Bhender ran instances for better loot, got sweet gear from the AH, and spent stupid amounts of time at level x9 in BGs to get the hot upgrades for leveling.  In short, he did everything I wish I had done with Vess, but as a shade. 

In fact, Bhender was so well planned by yours truly, that his first respec was at level 71.  (Respeced Disc to facilitate a guild UK run.  We had another priest who had leveled Holy, via refer a friend, that I thought was going to heal the instance, but apparently he had gone Shadow the day before.  I respeced Disc, and then watched him do about 400 less dps than I was regularly doing, and fail to get Replenishment up for the entire run.  /shakes fist at Saav.)  The respec back to shadow after the run is his only other respec.

When dual specs came out, Vess didn’t get the call, Bhender did.  As much as I liked not having to heal with Bhender, and wanted/needed to work on my dps skills (like targeting mobs in the correct order, threat management, off-healing, pulling mobs off the healer, etc.) the fact is that it is far easier to get instance runs as a healer than as a dps.  I also know most of the Northrend instances like the back of my hand thanks to Vess, and having an elite healer can often carry a mediocre pug through an instance.

So I dual speced Shadow/Disc, and have been rocking out in Northrend dungeons ever since. 

I am really excited to run some heroics, as one of our officers has returned to the game after a decent absence, and is about to ding 80 on his Mage, Kyleroth.  (cough, should have been yesterday slacker, cough)  Another one of our members got his Druid alt, Weems, to 80 last week, and wants to do some healing.  So I have the chance to dee pee ess, not heal, in a group of freshly minted 80s for a while.

I am also anxious to see what kind of dps I can turn out with a couple gear upgrades at level 80.  I was doing 1300 dps pretty consistently at level 78-79 (CoS, HoS, HoL and UP), but I got a full spread of new spell ranks at level 80 that should help.

Not really looking forward to building both a set of dps gear and healing gear though.  Vess burned tons of mats jewelcrafting and tailoring for Kyleroth to help get him as raid ready as possible (5 purples, bastard), which has kinda left Bhender shit-out-of-luck.  Especially since he could use both dps and healing gear. 

Oh well, guess the days of being a twink are over now that he is level 80.  Time to wear the big boy pants.


PS – props if you caught the movie reference in the title.  One of my top 5 all-time favorites.


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