Vesserion Has Earned The Achievement: A Little Too Seasonal

I do stupid stuff periodically, and last night was one of those nights.  We had a Naxx-10 run scheduled, which we cancelled after only 5 people were online.  As I was talking to my officers and trying to find a female dwarf to rabbit ear, I get an invite to heal 25-man VoA. 

/hits fast forward on story.  Summons pops, clickety click, buff up, get assigned to raid heals (WTF?), easy boss drops, raid wipes on hard boss, raid collapses, guild wants to run HUK so dual wielding DK can get loot, summons pops, clickety click, buff up, run HUK, loot doesn’t drop (again), hearth back to Dal, repair, go to sell vendor trash and see Mace of Unrequited Love in bag.


Vesserion has earned the achievement: A Little Too Seasonal.

Yepper, healed the whole evening with Spring Flowers in my hand.  The saddest part of this whole thing, is that I read about a great fellow Disc Priest blogger doing the same thing earlier in the day.  Read about it here.  /waves to Amber.

Thus proving that brilliant minds think alike.



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