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Devoted readers, I shall be afk for the holiday weekend.  But fear not, I will return next week with more Disc commentary.  



Good Times

I had a nice surprise last night, in that my guild’s A team all got online to do a timed HCoS run so I could finally get my drake.  We had been clearing the timed event for a while, and everyone else in the group had gotten theirs, but for a number of reasons we just stopped doing that run.  So I was kind of shocked when it was announced that we were headed there to get my drake.

And the run went well.  We had 7 minutes remaining on the timer when we took on the optional boss.  And now I present to you:

Vesserion the Dragonrider

Vesserion the Dragonrider

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Utah, Get Me Two!

Bhender has achieved level 80!

Today I managed to get my second toon to level 80.  And.  It.  Is.  Another. Priest

WTF? you say.  Let me do some explaining.

Vess has been my main since he overtook my first character in WoW (Mobric, a Tauren Warrior who is currently stuck at level 45) somewhere in the low 20s (?).  And like most, there were alot of mistakes made as I leveled him and learned the game.  (Skinning/Leatherworking, not discovering the AH till level 40ish, etc.)  There was also an entire tree in the Priest class that I hadn’t had a chance to play with.  (Disc wasn’t considered a legitimate tree in those days.)

So I felt like there was alot I could have done better as I leveled a priest, and alot of toys I had never gotten to play with in the Shadow tree.  Thus Bhender was born.

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Battleground Healer v3.1

After testing out Holy as my dual spec, and being pretty underwhelmed by it for heroics and 10-man healing, I decided to take the plunge and spec for Disc PVP.

Here is the battleground healer spec I am running.  Disc PVP spec

I am referring to it as a battleground healer spec, because I intend to only run bgs and Wintergrasp for the time being, and focus on healing and/or priest tanking, as opposed to dps.  This is not the spec I would/will be using for arena.  (We’ll talk about arena later, or maybe sooner if one of our DKs who is looking for an arena partner finds out that I am building a pvp set.)

The goal here is to get a feel for the pvp scene at level 80, and farm enough honor and marks to grab some respectable gear.

Since I haven’t done any pvp since Wrath was released, I was starting from scratch on my gear.  (For the record, no, I am not one of those guys that will just head into a BG with his shiny pve gear and pve healing spec, but you knew that already.)  Fortunately for me, I was sitting on 130-ish Emblems of Heroism, and am at  450 Jewelcrafting and 444 Tailoring.  So in the span of one evening, I was able to cobble together the following starter set:

Head:  Savage Gladiator’s Satin Hood

Neck:  Sky Sapphire Amulet

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Penance Glyph is Back From The Dead

Have you heard the latest?  The proposed change to the Penance Glyph in Patch 3.1.2 (2 sec reduced cooldown => +5% crit chance) has been withdrawn!



Dual Spec Update

Despite my ramblings about Holy not being a very attractive alternative for my second spec, its what I am currently running. 

As one of my friends used to say, “I make my own rules, and then I break them.”

Not that I have actually healed anything as Holy, with the excpetion of the first boss in Heroic Azjol Nerub.   (Pro tip: don’t try out new dual spec when trying to 4-man a heroic instance.)  RL has been kinda crazy lately for me, as well as much of the rest of my guild.  The few raids and heroic runs we have done recently were not very forgiving runs, as others were working on their dual specs and/or we were carrying subpar dps.

Hopefully this weekend I will get a chance to run some heroics as a Holy Priest.  Part of me thinks that the holy style of healing will come back to me fairly quickly once I get back at it.  But another part of me stares at my UI after I swap specs and thinks sweet jesus where did all my healing buttons go? 

I’ll keep you posted on how things go. 

In other news, a full set of Savage Gladiator Gear costs 195 Emblems of Heroism, and I am back up to around 115 or so.  So I am looking at heading back into the battlgrounds soon.  Look for some Disc PVP BG posts in the near future. 


Vesserion Has Earned The Achievement: A Little Too Seasonal

I do stupid stuff periodically, and last night was one of those nights.  We had a Naxx-10 run scheduled, which we cancelled after only 5 people were online.  As I was talking to my officers and trying to find a female dwarf to rabbit ear, I get an invite to heal 25-man VoA. 

/hits fast forward on story.  Summons pops, clickety click, buff up, get assigned to raid heals (WTF?), easy boss drops, raid wipes on hard boss, raid collapses, guild wants to run HUK so dual wielding DK can get loot, summons pops, clickety click, buff up, run HUK, loot doesn’t drop (again), hearth back to Dal, repair, go to sell vendor trash and see Mace of Unrequited Love in bag.


Vesserion has earned the achievement: A Little Too Seasonal.

Yepper, healed the whole evening with Spring Flowers in my hand.  The saddest part of this whole thing, is that I read about a great fellow Disc Priest blogger doing the same thing earlier in the day.  Read about it here.  /waves to Amber.

Thus proving that brilliant minds think alike.