The Secret to my Success . . .

/beckons you closer

I am going to tell you a secret, one that has made me a much better Discipline Priest than I have any business being.

Raid Mats.

That’s right: Raid Mats.

No, not for Vess you idiot, what kinda lame ass secret would that be?  The raid mats are for the man behind the toon.

Now some people will tell you about sandwiches, chips and dip, or this and that soda or beer and their special plate/bowl/glass.  Whatever.  I need none of that crap.  /backhands stuff off of table.

The only thing I need is a frakin cigar.

That’s right, a god-damned cigar.  The stronger the better.  As soon as I fire one up, my hps goes up by like 500 points.  It’s a fact.  Look it up.  I’ll wait.

Oh the sensation.  The feel of the wrapper in your fingers, the click of the cutter as you remove the top, the heat from the butane torch as you fire it up, and the first pull . . . glorious.

Since cigars they have been such an integral part of my success as a healer, I wanted to give a shout out to my favorites:

Camacho Black– Not a cigar for the feint of heart.  The first time Vess smoked these lead to an unfortunate incident in front of Mrs. Vess’ family.  (There was also some post-breakfast drinking involved too, but I digress.)  ZOMG strong!  Camacho has been Vess’ first choice in cigars ever since.  This stuff will make you a god-damned sexual tyrannosaurus, just like me.  Smoke one of these bad boys when you are going to be healing it hard, elbows and assholes style, in the trenches, with reckless abandon. 

The Edge by Rocky Patel – A slightly milder smoke, best suited for when you are in the ‘I am the best healer on the whole frakin server, no one is gonna die cause I am here, and I have The Edge’ zone.  Don’t even think about smoking one of these you dual spec Disc noob.  You have to earn the right to smoke these babies.

Gurkha Warlord – The cigar is called the Warlord.  Do you really need another reason?  Pull out this bad boy when you are going to be at it for a while, and need the extra focus.  It won’t disappoint you. 

And there you have it.  Now go visit your local tobacconist and be all the Disc Priest you can be. 



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