Is Disc the New Black?

While in Dalaran of late, I have been mousing over the other Horde priests that I pass (using Cowtip to peer into the depths of their souls).  I am seeing 1) alot of female blood elf priestesses (nice to look at, but not very original) and 2) almost all of the healing priests are Holy speced.  WTF?

I can’t remember the last time I strolled past a fellow Disc Priest. 

I play on the Undermine server, and it certainly has some quirks to it, but the near complete absence of Disc Priests has me wondering why that is.

First I thought, well maybe there are a surplus of Healadins running around, so MT healing was covered, and healing priests didn’t need to go Disc.  But while there seem to be more Healadins than Disc Priests, I haven’t seen sufficiently overwhelming numbers of them for that to be the reason.

So the other night I logged on early before our Naxx raid and checked out the comings and goings at the Naxx summoning stone.  No Disc there either. 

Being the neb nose that I am, I also perused the LFG channel to see if there were any healers looking for groups.  Not many healers, as you might expect, and of those that bothered to post their spec (even fewer) none were Disc.

Lastly, I did a /who Priest, screenshotted the results, and looked all of the level 80s up on armorylite.  The results were roughly 60% Holy, 20% Shadow, 20% Discipline. 

So my very very informal survey showed about 4 Holy Priests for every 1 Disc Priest.  This makes some sense, since

  • the current end game is very accessible and 25-man content needs more raid healers than MT healers;
  • there are few, if any, synergies from stacking Disc Priests in a raid;
  • Disc Priests are late to the MT healer game, as Healadins have been doing it since BC; and
  • although not optimal, every healing class in the game is capable of performing the MT healer role.

As to why I don’t seem to run into any of these Disc Priests, who knows, maybe they don’t hang out in Dalaran?  I any case, I don’t think there is any danger of their being too many Disc Priests on the Undermine server. 



2 comments so far

  1. BobTurkey on

    Unoriginal? Come over here and say that and i’ll look at you crossly while I try and figure out which of my 8 new shadowy DPS buttons to use first sock you one! 😉

    But yeah your observations are about what i’ve seen. Lots of Disc bloggers but still Holy outnumbers Disc about 2:1 in-game.

  2. wantedpriest on

    Ah, but I come from (what was formerly) the pvp tree, so your threatening stares don’t intimidate me! Perhaps you should buff those nails though, jeez. 🙂

    I didn’t dual spec shadow on Vess, as I have a lvl 75 shadow priest. I love the new critting DoTs, but its throwing off my SW:D timing something fierce. (I just got rank 2 of that spell today, so the extra damage should give me a greater margin of error.) My shadow dps is about the same as pre-patch, but it feels like mobs are going down faster with the DoT crits. /ignores the clear mathematical contradiction

    Enjoy the shadows!


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