Vess’ Disc Spec v3.1

BobTurkey has put up a great post revealing the logic behind his disc spec choices once Patch 3.1 hits.  Article is here.

This (57/14/0) is what I will be running as my main spec when 3.1 hits.

The changes to the Discipline tree will allow me to keep all the goodness from my current spec with fewer points.  This will let me:

  • fully talent Silent Resolve (up from 2/3) – giving me an additional 6% reduction in threat;
  • fully talent Mental Agility (up from 2/5) – reducing the mana cost of my instant cast spells by an additional 6%; and
  • pick up Desperate Prayer – giving me an instant cast self heal.

So, less threat, more mana efficient spells, and a personal ‘oh shit’ button.  Win win win. 


(At the moment, it looks like I may go with Disc PVP for my dual spec.  I need to do some more research though before I am ready to post that spec.  Stay tuned.)


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