Suck it Shadow Priests!

After a full day of work, I logged on around 10 PM, mainly because I needed to do one more JC daily to get the Solid Sky Sapphire recipe for my MT.  (Karinthanis spent some emblems on tanking gear since the loot gods have not been kind to our tanks or healers in Naxx lately, and needed to regem.) 

While I was grabbing the daily,  I noticed a 25-man VoA run looking for a healer and some dps.  So I whispered that I was available, and that I was a disc speced priest.  Invite hits about 2 seconds later, and off I go to WG. 

Looking at the raid composition, I noticed about 4 other priests in the raid, but didn’t get a look at their specs as people were too far away for Cowtip to work its magic.  Great, I thought, massive competition if anything decent drops.  Oh well, its my first run at heroic VoA, so I figure it’ll be good experience even if nothing drops.  (The Arrow Gang barely has 15 level 80s at this point, so 25 man raid IDs are completely at the player’s discretion.) 

Fast forward to the boss fight, and things go pretty smoothly, even though we really had only 3 healers: myself and 2 resto druids wearing full Naxx gear.  There weren’t really any healing assignments, so I kept an eye on the MT and made sure he had a PW:S most times it came off cool-down and Grace fully stacked up, lobbed some PoMs his way, and otherwise tried to do some raid healing as best I could.  I mostly used Penance to bail out any dps that got into trouble, as the druid was doing a solid job keeping the MT healed up.  I’m not obsessed with Recount, but I did take a look after the fight was done: 3rd place for healing, but that was pretty much what I expected with two trees throwing HoTs all over the place.

Loot drops and Valorous Handwraps of Faith is sitting at the bottom of the list.  I patiently waited my turn as the other loot got passed out, and perused the stats on the item.  Now I can see that the set bonuses are clearly targeted at shadow priests, but besides that minor issue, these gloves look pretty damn sweet for a disc priest. 

Time comes to roll and its Vess vs. 4 shadow priests.  17 – 62 – 71 – 78 – 79.  Woo-hooooo.  Come to pappa!  I get a gratz from the raid leader, a lol from a random dps, and then I got called a dick by one of the shadow priests.

To which, all I have to say is “Suck it Shadow Priests!”  These gloves are arguably best in slot for a disc priest, assuming that you are only going to use one piece of the Valorous Garb of Faith set.

After doing a little research later, I did discover that they actually ARE the best in slot for a shadow priest, so I can understand the player’s frustration at not getting the item.  But its not like I was picking it up for my off-spec. 

Did I think about passing on the roll since the item was targeted at shades?  Yes, I did think about it.  But ultimately, I am glad I decided to roll.  Not because I won them, but because they were a pretty significant upgrade, and I deserved the chance to get them just as much as the shades did.

And no, although I was tempted, I did not taunt the shades with my phat loot after being disparaged.  I simply clicked the mage’s portal back to Dalaran and bragged to the rest of my guild about how the loot gods had just smiled on me in my first heroic VoA run, and how pissed off the shades were. 

So I will leave you with a quote from one of my favorite movies:  “I guess you guys are lucky and famous.  No, you mean notorious.”



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