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So you think you’re some kinda tough guy?

Every so often in WoW, you get to a point where the content you are working on isn’t particularly challenging anymore.  With my regular 5 man team, we pretty much roll through heroics these days.

I believe that our success has more to do with the focus we bring to a run, and the time and effort we have put into our toons, than it is about being over-geared for the instances.  Although all of us are sporting epics, there are very few Naxx-10 pieces, and almost none from the 25-man raid content.  We are definitely near the top of the heroically geared plateau though.  (I’ll save my frustration with the lack of upgrades in Naxx-10 for those who have geared up in heroics for another post. Grrr.)

So, I logged in tonight to find very few guildies on.  Unroku, one of our top dps, was interested in doing the heroic daily with me.  Karinthanis, our MT, was online, but not up for the run, so we jumped into a pug with 3 members of another guild and headed to UP.

OMG.  The tank was in blues and was most certainly not defense capped, while the two other dps were struggling to break 1k.  God love fresh 80s for having the courage to try and tackle a heroic like UP, but these guys had no business being there.  Hell they probably would have struggled with it on normal.  Continue reading




While we were running OS-10 last night, I added the above to my list of achievements.  Surprisingly, over 90% of those Emblems came from running heroics, and not from Naxx, OS or VoA.

The Arrow Gang has always been a small guild, and 5-man content has been our bread and butter.  Recently we have added some great players to the roster, and have started progressing through the 10-man content.  (No we are not setting any realm first, which is fine by us.)

But between gearing up our core group in heroics, gearing the newest members of the guild, continuing to gear up older members who had RL conflicts, helping out quality players with whom I have run before (yes I do keep a list) and/or doing charity runs for those 4 person groups that have been looking for a healer for the past hour, I have seen a hell of a lot of heroics runs. 

Too bad there isn’t an achievement for 500 Emblems.  Guess I will have to work on some of the other Lich King Heroic achievements till Blizz gets around to adding one. 

(Now if you will excuse me, I happen to be the last person on my 5-man team to get a drake from the timed HCoS event ((damn you RNG)), and I hear young Arthas calling my name.)


Then it begins . . .

Stay tuned for random commentary on life in the World of Warcraft from the perspective of a forsaken discipline priest.